An Update from Denver!

Hi All,

In case you didn’t know, I am in Denver, CO this week with a group from SEBTS serving with a new church plant, called Summit Church. Our trip this week has been something of a crash course in Church planting. We have been really getting to know the city, talking to people, and thinking through ways to reach people here. The biggest thing I have learned through this week is that I don’t need to go on a mission trip to be living missionally. One thing that the Summit Church emphasizes to its members is that each member is a missionary to their city. I think that is very true, and often we don’t think of it that way in more established churches. Being a member of a church means that you are a missionary to the city or neighborhood that church is in. I really think that many of our churches would be transformed if the leadership and members caught that vision. I know that catching that vision has changed me.

Another thing we have been doing is working with the homeless in Denver. We served with two awesome ministries – Denver Rescue Mission and Open Door Ministries. The most humbling thing about working with the homeless this week is talking them, hearing their stories, and being able to tell that their story is not that different from mine. Many of them are very well educated, but one or two events (often a divorce) took them from a normal life, to a life on the streets. There are some who had a bad start in life because of family or life circumstances, and there are some who choose the streets because they like being there more than having to change, but many of them come from situations similar to mine. The experience made grateful for the circumstances I have, and humbled knowing that I am no better than any one of them.

Group at Denver Rescue Mission
A part of our group at the Denver Rescue Mission

Much Love from Denver,

2 thoughts on “An Update from Denver!”

  1. What an awesome post! I got so frustrated with some friends the other day who said something along the lines of “well he had a really nice polo on, he couldn’t possibly be homeless”.. the truth is we don’t really know what their story is until we ask them. Maybe they had a great home life and after losing a job and not enough savings, they ended up homeless, but had many of the clothes from their old life. You never know! I love how you look at the world dear! 🙂

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