Listen to the Sound of a New Beginning

Well, since I last wrote, so many good things have happened. God has blessed me more than I ever could have expected, and of course, more than I could ever deserve.

To start off, I was hired as a Library Assistant and the SEBTS Library. Throughout the whole process of applying and interviewing, I really felt God working to put me in the place where I am supposed to be. I am in my third week working there, and I’m really enjoying it. It is so nice to be able to openly talk about my spiritual life at work (although I should be doing that no matter what context I’m in), and to always have Sundays off. All of my co-workers have been very welcoming and kind.

Then, on the first Sunday in August, my home church had a  commissioning/send-off service for me. I was initially really nervous about the whole thing. Just the thought of having to be up in front of the entire congregation, having them recognize me for something I haven’t even done yet seemed a little overwhelming. However, my fears proved to be unwarranted. I am so blessed to have a home congregation that cares so deeply about others. The whole weekend was a blessing beyond words.

At the end of this week I have orientation. Hooray! I am excited to start classes soon. It will be nice when the difficulty level of my classes will no longer be an unknown. It will also be nice to feel like more a legitimate student. Although I work at the library, until I go through orientation, I’m unable to check out a book! Funny, right? 🙂

I hope you are doing well, and I’ll try to keep you updated as the semester kicks off!

Much Love,

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