Finally in NC!

Hi Everyone!

Last Friday, I made it to NC to stay. Settling in has been going pretty well. I have most of my things unpacked and put away. It was a relief that all of my things fit in my room. I will try to post some photos when I get everything put away. Overall, I am very pleased with my apartment. It is very nice, and it seems to be fairly centrally located.

On Sunday, I visited North Wake Church. One of the things I was dreading about the move was having to look for a new church. Especially because there are a lot (like a lot a lot) of churches here. I wasn’t sure where to start. However, on Friday some of my roommate’s friends came over and invited me to go to North Wake with them on Sunday. I really enjoyed it. It was bigger than I’m used to, and more contemporary than I’m used to but the people were really nice and seemed very genuine which I loved. They also have small group Bible studies that meet during the week which is something that I really want in whatever church I end up planting myself in. I’m going to continue looking, but hopefully not for too long. It is hard for me to feel at home in a place until I have a home church there, so I am hoping that God will quickly make it clear to me which Church is the best one for me to be a part of.

Yesterday I was feeling kind of stir crazy. I’ve found that being in an apartment all by yourself and not knowing anyone can do that to you. It was a relief when I needed to run out to do some errands. Something I’ve been doing is not using my GPS when I’m out running errands, and just trying to find places on my own. My hope is that it will help me learn the area better and I might find things that I wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. For example, on my way back from running errands I passed The Ice Cream Cottage. I decided that I needed to stop there. It is a small little place that serves homemade ice cream. I got cookies and cream – it was wonderful. I just sat on the porch and relaxed while enjoying my ice cream. It was just what I needed.

I promise pictures will be coming soon of my apartment and local discoveries. 🙂

Right now, I’m praying about signing up for a mission trip to Mexico over fall break. I’m really interested in getting another chance to work on my Spanish skills and share with others. I’m also on the job hunt. I’ve applied for a position in the Geek Squad at Best Buy. I’m in the process of applying for others. We’ll see what happens.

God has been/is/will be so good!

Much Love,

p.s. I am hoping that I’ll eventually manage to post more than once a month. We’ll see what happens. 🙂

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