David Crowder*Band is so cool…

This is just another reason that David Crowder*Band may be my most favorite band of all time. However, one can never be sure about such claims. Either way, check out this video. What a cool idea, I mean really. Also, I really want to buy tickets for their upcoming tour. Must convince the boyfriend that this is a good idea. 😛

[Update 4/28: Boyfriend convinced, tickets secured! :-)]

I hope you enjoy. I’ll get back to my work now. 🙂

Love, Sarah

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  1. Sarah says:

    Whoaaa that must have taken forever! David Crowder was one of the first bands that made me realized that contemporary Christian music didn’t have to suck (there’s a lot of bad stuff out there..). You’ll have to find a way to drop some hints to Andy!

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