David Crowder*Band is so cool…

This is just another reason that David Crowder*Band may be my most favorite band of all time. However, one can never be sure about such claims. Either way, check out this video. What a cool idea, I mean really. Also, I really want to buy tickets for their upcoming tour. Must convince the boyfriend that this is a good idea. 😛

[Update 4/28: Boyfriend convinced, tickets secured! :-)]

I hope you enjoy. I’ll get back to my work now. 🙂

Love, Sarah

2 thoughts on “David Crowder*Band is so cool…”

  1. Whoaaa that must have taken forever! David Crowder was one of the first bands that made me realized that contemporary Christian music didn’t have to suck (there’s a lot of bad stuff out there..). You’ll have to find a way to drop some hints to Andy!

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