Christmas Thoughts

“Christmas is here, mistletoe and laughter, carols and bells ringing to the rafters, lights on the tree, candles all aglow and all who pass by say hello…”

That’s my favorite song from the Garfield Christmas special, but Christmas is here, and right now I’m left with more questions than I have answers it seems like. This year it has been odd. Sometimes it feels like Christmas sometimes it doesn’t. Although Christmas isn’t really a feeling.

For some reason I feel cynical when people act as if Jesus is just now here on Christmas Day. I’m not sure why. For some reason I have a hard time getting as excited about Christmas as other Church holidays. I know that sounds awful, but I guess for me salvation outshines the whole thing so much that it doesn’t seem right to just focus on His birth. Many of my friends have something about Christmas as their facebook status right now – should I feel bad that I don’t. I just don’t feel like an excited Christmas status would be genuine right now. I can’t sum up what Jesus means to me in a few short words (as is probably obvious by the length of this post). I guess it seems that the picture of Christmas is so empty without the backdrop of the cross. The cross is what breaks us, what makes us whole. His birth means nothing without the cross as His ending. (I know Jesus is eternal, but by ending I mean the end goal.)

Just some Christmas reflections.

Love, Sarah

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