So your spouse is going to be an Intern…

Andy is officially an R2 (a.k.a. a second-year resident). Hallelujah! There are still more years to go, but there are more years of training behind us than ahead of us, which is a good feeling. Last year I was not looking forward to med school graduation. It sounds crazy, I know. Fellow medical spouse friends… Continue reading So your spouse is going to be an Intern…

Legacies, Influences, & Billy Graham

Another post from the drafts folder. I wrote this last year on the day Billy Graham died, February 21, 2018. One of the very first things I read, when I tuned into social media that morning, was the news of Billy Graham's passing. Despite never having met him or even attending one of his events,… Continue reading Legacies, Influences, & Billy Graham

Attempting a Digital Detox in a Virtual Culture

Limiting screen time. Digital detox. Going unplugged. All of these ideas are buzzing concepts at the moment and they sound really good. I think most adults are now aware of how easily screens, the internet, and social media can suck away your time and enjoyment of life. Studies show that social media use is linked… Continue reading Attempting a Digital Detox in a Virtual Culture

A Resume Of Sorts

I'm going through the blog archives and found this gem. Originally written in May 2016, it was just too fun not to publish. Look at baby Catherine! Catherine J. French Middle Bedroom, Little Red House on the Steep Hill Education YMCA Early Learning Center, Nursery Room Skills Sitting Smiling Work Experience Learning to sleep through… Continue reading A Resume Of Sorts

The one without Christmas decorations

I read something on Instagram recently that continues to stick with me (I would link it, but darn you Instagram algorithm, I can't find anything twice) - the poster had asked her pastor whether it was better to put up your Christmas decorations early or late in the Advent season and he asked, "Is doing… Continue reading The one without Christmas decorations

Reflections on Our Wedding Day

Right now, I'm going through my blog drafts pile - finishing the ones that I want to publish and trashing the ones that need to be cleaned up. This was one that I felt needed to be saved even though all that I had written was three sentences. Last year at this time I was… Continue reading Reflections on Our Wedding Day